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Once you’ve done this, and you’ve rid your computer of any malware lurking about, you can reinstall the drivers and disable the firewall rule.

Fortunately, there are ways you can avoid going through this whole ordeal in the first place. First things first – cover your cameras when you’re not using them.

The patent application was submitted in February 2014 and published in August 2015, but was only recently spotted, by CBInsights.

"We often seek patents for technology we never implement, and patents should not be taken as an indication of future plans,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

The site isn’t believed to have put its plans into action yet, and there’s no guarantee that it ever will.

The patent also details a new text-messaging platform that would detect how hard you type, and use that information to attempt to work out how you feel.

The first thing Scott says you should do is immediately cover your camera with a plaster or something, so the perpetrators can’t watch you anymore.

‘The most obvious indication that a webcam has been hacked is the activation of the indicator light,’ he said.

‘However, this signal can easily be disabled by even an unsophisticated attacker.

You can either use plasters, or you can buy small webcam covers that can slide open and shut online.

If you’re worried that covering your webcam will make you look a bit tin-foil-hattish, just remember that Mark Zuckerberg and Edward Snowden both cover their cameras.

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