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The part name attribute provides a unique name among all the parts of the enclosing message.

WSDL 1.2 was not supported by most SOAP servers/vendors. WSDL 1.2 was renamed to WSDL 2.0 because it has substantial differences from WSDL 1.1. To mitigate vulnerability of these files, limiting access to generated WSDL files, setting proper access restrictions on WSDL definitions, and avoiding unnecessary definitions in web services is encouraged.WSDL 1.1, published in March 2001, is the formalization of WSDL 1.0.No major changes were introduced between 1.0 and 1.1.SWSDLs are used for Web service analysis, testing and top down development. 2000) was developed by IBM, Microsoft, and Ariba to describe Web Services for their SOAP toolkit.It was built by combining two service description languages: NASSL (Network Application Service Specification Language) from IBM and SDL (Service Description Language) from Microsoft.

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