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Parenthood means getting to celebrate tons of milestones with your kids. has found that a total of 2,715 teen drivers died in motor vehicle crashes in 2015, and 62 percent of those who died were the drivers of the vehicles.

Yet there’s one milestone that most parents feel largely unprepared for: teenage driving.

Acknowledge how affectionate you used to be, and let your partner know that you miss those times and would love to get back on track.Here are 10 signs he might be ready to retire his online dating profile, let you know he's found his one in 40 million, and wants to make you his girl. Starting with April Fool's Day and continuing until the end of the month, it's time to find ways to bring laughter to your life and to fill your date card if you're single. If so, we've got good news for singles looking for love online.Your chances of finding a date or a soul mate have increased dramatically just in the past two years.Take the time to listen to your partner's concerns.If you truly think this is a relationship worth fighting for, let your partner know On Monday, Ok Cupid released a new experiment taking a very different approach.

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