Single black men dating

He/it is not going to be available for long.” Meaning, someone is going to snatch it or that good Black man up.

To make my point, I continued with a true story about a girlfriend who called one morning to set me up with a guy she went to college with.

What I said on the show about dating Black men touched a nerve with some Brothers who reached out to me on social media.

Several sites have sprung up to cater specifically to the black community, including Black People Meet, Black Planet, and Black Singles.

First, let me say my perspective on being Single and romantic relationships could be considered unconventional and even bold.

But I don’t shy away from it, because my opinions are based on my experience, observations and research.

blog, points out that the figures are even starker within the black community.

More than a third of black people older than 25 have never been married, even though they say they would like to be.

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