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More than half the same-sex couples who were issued marriage licenses in Wayne County in 2014 were from Ohio. Of the 37 couples, Ohio was listed as the state of residence for both partners in 22 cases.

In 11 cases, both members of the couple were from Indiana.

The chat purportedly records a conversation between the teenager and the man, who is believed to be a monk from a temple in Nan.WVXU politics reporter Howard Wilkinson spoke with News Director Maryanne Zeleznik Monday morning about all the news generated by Ohio Democrats last week: Former Ohio Attorney General Rich Cordray announcing he will quit his federal job, presumably to run for Ohio governor; and a bizarre Facebook post from Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill in which he detailed his sex life, creating a firestorm of criticism from fellow Democrats. It's not exactly slaving over a hot stove, but, hey, those Spanish olives don't jump out of the jar by themselves, you know.Nearly a year of waiting for Richard Cordray, the former state treasurer and Ohio attorney general, to make up his mind to leave as the first and only director the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), ended Wednesday when Cordray sent a letter to his staff saying he would leave office by the end of the month. I love the feast; I love the fellowship of being with family and friends; I love the idea of a holiday all about giving thanks for our blessings in life. The cost of a marriage license for county residents is . Out-of-state couples who get their marriages in the county also must marry here.Richmond City Clerk Karen Chasteen said she has been marrying two to three same-sex couples a week recently.

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