Moslem dating

These are anecdotal examples and I'm sure much more the exception than the rule.

But I'm wondering whether or not there are certain areas of the world where a higher percentage of girls tend to be this way.

We went straight to her place by taxi and since it was so cold in the room, undressed and snuggled. A good friend of mine, a HK Canadian girl I studied with as an exchange student, met her serious LT live-in bf online.

They established a relationship online even tho the guy had no photo on his profile and was quite a bit older.

India is another example of a very poor country where I don't think you can do well with women in spite of being a relatively rich westerner. From my research Vietnam and india is probably where youd go to find a wife if you want to bring her to america (who the hell would live in India or Vietnam forever) ? Indonesia would probably be somewhere between the two. If you're interested in Africa, the countries you should focus on are Togo, Benin (both French-speaking) and Ghana (english-speaking).

As you head east into Nigeria, etc, things get very corrupt, very dangerous, disease-ridden, etc. East Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, etc) are much more dangerous than the 3 countries I mentioned.A tentative list of countries which might be worthy of further consideration and study are: - Indonesia - Vietnam - Cambodia - Poorer areas of China - Madagascar - Ethiopia - Kenya - Ghana - Cameroon - Nigeria - Certain areas of the Middle East - Poorer areas of Lat Am / Caribbean I'm not talking about places where old guys can just bang hos.I'm talking about areas where girls can credibly pull-off the LT gf treatment of a guy who is old and/or very unattractive.Most western countries the western man would expect to pay some sort of alimony child support and many other social consequences when i child is born.Many of the third world countrys seem to be having children like hatching eggs and this is why there will always be a lot of women available.

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