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She takes after her mother in most ways and generally behaves like an odd sort of Annoying Younger Sibling to her, but underneath the constant bickering and whining, it's apparent that the two really do care about each other.After departing for the future at the end of the second season, she returns for the third and fourth, this time a few years older and on a peaceful mission to train as a Sailor Guardian.) (Japanese), Karen Bernstein (Di C), Liza Balkan (Cloverway), Kate Higgins (Viz) (English), Rossy Aguirre (Latin American Spanish), Ana Maria Mari and Elena Ruiz (European Spanish), Debora Magnaghi (Italian), Stefanie Beba (German), Gilmara Sanches (Brazilian Portuguese, Classic), Melissa Garcia (Brazilian Portuguese, R - Stars), Isabel Wolmar (European Portuguese) Portrayed in Ami, the first Sailor Guardian to join Sailor Moon in her fight, is a kind but insecure prodigy renowned for her genius intellect.When not fighting evil, she enjoys playing sports, playing the piano, driving her Cool Car, and generally wowing everyone else in the cast.) (Japanese), Barbara Radecki (Cloverway), Lauren Landa (Viz) (English), Irma Carmona (Latin American Spanish), Márcia Regina (Brazilian Portuguese), Olga Lima (European Portuguese) Portrayed in the musicals by: Kaoru Ukawa, Chikage Tomita, Miyuki Sena (Miyuki Fuji), Yūko Harada (Yūko Tahara), Sara Shimada, Yūka Asami, Tomoko Inami, Takayo Ohyama, Sayaka Fujioka Uranus' classically refined partner, a talented violinist and swimmer.Her poise and elegance coupled with her surprisingly friendly demeanor make her an immediate inspiration to the Inners.Getting more desperate each day, our killer is trying to rob his way out of debt but the meager money from girls he is attacking in upscale neighborhoods is not enough to keep organized crime off his back.Will he kill more or move on to a higher class of victim to cover his debts as quickly as possible?

The fugitive woman is watching him from behind her curtains. She keeps trying to seduce him, she asks him to go to restroom. He goes down on his knees, she tries to knee him in his face, but he stops her and throws her back on couch. She scream, begging him let her go, but doesn’t care, he enjoys tightness of her pussy.She tries to use her woman seduction skills first to flirt with him. This time she crossed the line, he slaps her across the face, pulls out garrote, puts it around her neck and strangler her.When he finishes her off, he stuffed her panties in her mouth and leave before the cops show up.She was the first character in the franchise to be created, originally starring in a 1991 one-shot that would eventually become the prequel manga ) (Japanese), Sabrina Grdevich, Jill Frappier (as Luna Ball) (Di C); Susan Aceron (Cloverway); Veronica Taylor (Viz) (English); Anabel Mendez (Latin American Spanish); Rita Almeida (Brazilian Portuguese); Isabel Wolmar (European Portuguese, R) and Cristina Cavalinhos (European Portuguese, S and Stars) Portrayed in the musicals by: Miwa Hosoki, Rei Saitou, Yuki Kamiya, Seiko Nakazawa, Teruyo Watabe, Yūko Hosaka, Yukiko Nakae (Yuki Nakae), Miho Funatsu, Mikako Ishii The mysterious, eternal gatekeeper of the Door of Space-time.She's fairly aloof thanks to millennia of isolation and takes her job very seriously, but as shown by her interactions with Chibi-Usa and Hotaru, she does have a softer side and is more than willing to bend the rules for those she cares about.

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