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"I'm fantasising," she purrs, "about scones." Naturally, I fear the worst.

In her new film, Secretary, she plays a timid young typist, Lee Holloway, who, thanks to her handsome older boss, Mr Grey, discovers the joys of S&M.

Gyllenhaal falls on the plate, piles on the cream and jam, then, with long, delicate fingers, proceeds to wolf them down.

"It's OK," she says, "I'll keep talking." Secretary has changed everything for Gyllenhaal.

Taylor Swift left a scarf at her ex-boyfriend’s sister’s house, according to her 2012 hit “All Too Well,” which is widely believed to be about Jake Gyllenhaal.

If anyone can make British teatime sound kinky, it's Maggie. Exhausted (she flew in overnight) and hungry (she couldn't eat a thing at lunch), it would be more accurate to say that she's hallucinating about scones. Gyllenhaal, with her saucer-shaped, light-blue eyes, may be perky (and this is when she's tired). Fresh out of a psychiatric hospital, she cuts and burns herself when she's miserable which, given her father's drinking problem, is all the time. "Other times," she says, "he would not give me the time of day, and it was really devastating, you know. I don't think it was conscious for me, but I think it was for him. So that intimacy we had on set, I didn't feel it was going to bleed into my life." What's striking, though, is how much real feeling did bleed into the mix, and is still there. And in my mind, too." I wonder aloud how all these psycho-dynamics affected the rest of the crew. "I mean, me and him had our own little club, too – we used to go off in a corner and make fun of James! In fact, she was more than willing to challenge his authority.Since Secretary, she has been anointed the extreme queen of indieland. Gyllenhaal, bouncing on to the sofa on which I'm already perched, starts to describe the Secretary shoot.I imagine the stream of male journalists eager to talk about the spanking, and the crawling on all fours, and the full-frontal nudity... This is, to put it mildly, quite an involved tale, and key to it all is her relationship with James Spader, the blond, weakly pretty star of Sex, Lies, and Videotape and Crash. I love the idea that there's a director I can trust enough to let them manipulate me." I think she's being a little disingenuous."Doing the scenes with Lee's family – that was hard.But the family's supposed to be forced and covered and fake, so..." she shrugs, doubtfully, "in a way, maybe it worked." There's a knock at the door; it's the scones.

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