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Yes, I have frocks from Chanel and Valentino, but I’m equally as happy in Zara.

While my bags simply have to be designer, I’m not so fussy when it comes to my clothes.Today, I have bags from Gucci, Yves St Laurent, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith . I still get a flutter in my heart when I go into my handbag room and look at all my beautiful bags, like works of art.I know I’m blessed to have such a beautiful collection, but I’m also proud because I’ve worked so hard for them all.No performers were harmed in the making of this site. This site is produced in concert with all Intersec sites and should be considered, as a whole, a piece of art. Irène Major, 37, a model and philanthropist, lives in Kent with her husband Sam Malin, 53, who works in the oil industry and owns Burke’s Peerage.

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