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Phone: (231) 922-5280 Region: Northwest Outside of the Porcupine Mountains, there arent too many places in Michigan where you need to ford a stream.

But here we were, looking at a beautiful stretch of the Platte River with no foot bridge in sight.

It was the last remnant of the giant maples and beeches in a region that had been heavily clear cut by loggers.

The 11-acre tract remained in the Coy family until 1958 when Reubens daughter-in-law deeded the property to a group of trustees with the intentions of preserving Coy Mountain for the use and benefit of the Villagers of Alden and the surrounding comm ...

Although called a nature trail, the interpretive portion of the path is limited to six display signs that identify tree species along the trail.

It makes for a pleasant and easy hike, however, as it is level, well marked and closed to mountain bikes.

Today the 50-acre preserve offers a parking area, nearly a mile of foot trails ...We were on one side, the trail resumed on the other and the only way to continue was to kick off the hiking boots and splash across the cold trout stream.Located in Benzie County, near Honor, the Platte River Springs Pathway is short loop but packed with adventure, starting with that ford reached minutes after leaving up your car.In the early 1990s, the park received much needed attention with a major renovation.The size was increased from 196 acres to more than 2,200 when adjoining Tobico Marsh was officially added and the name was changed to Bay City State Recreation Ar ...

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