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The central records of the National Bus Company, 1968-91, are held at class FH.

The railway records include administrative and staff records and timetables; and there are canal administrative records (records relating to some navigations are held in other collections in the PRO).

But as they entered the the Best Western parking lot in Acworth, Georgia, where they were staying for the weekend, they ran into a little bit of a mishap.

While trying to park the family car, Theodore Karadimos accidentally stepped on the gas instead of hitting the break inside the vehicle, sending him and his wife headfirst into the hotel swimming pool.'This couple was obviously fleeing from the storm and stressed from that,' Police Chief Wayne Dennard told Channel 2 Action News, adding that the couple feared for their life due to their inability to swim.

Midland Railway Study Centre: Silk Mill, Full Street, Derby. This repository, formerly known as the Public Record Office, contains the principal records of the railway, canal and associated companies which came to be nationalised in 1948 (class RAIL) and of the British Transport Commission, Railway Executive and British Railways Board (class AN).

Class AN also contains the records of the Road Haulage Executive, Road Passenger Executive and Docks & Inland Waterways Executive; also British Road Services (to 1968) and some records of the Transport Holding Company.

The Trust has an extensive archive and photographic collection that can be viewed by arrangement.Dennard also said the couple was concerned for their two dogs, who had been inside the vehicle as well.Luckily for the husband and wife, and their beloved animals, guests at the hotel came to the rescue and fished the family out of the pool. Tamara Clayton reported that Theodore Karadimos' foot had accidentally slipped off the break.While his wife Gloria was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure, Sgt.Clayton assisted Theodore in getting a rental car, replacing the couple's medicine and dealing with the insurance company.'She quickly realized he was not in a mental state to do that so she went the extra 1 percent to help do that for this couple,' Dennard said.

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