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Any female readers who feel this man is being over-judgmental should ask themselves whether they’d want to make love to their husbands if they had raging halitosis or huge beer bellies.I would even argue that only a negligent spouse would allow their other half to transform into a less appealing version of themselves without intervening. (recalling) That's Hanratty, Hoskins, Bank, Boyle and Kahn... Catching the eyes of Bud Fox once again wandering to her. Say you adore her, whatever her size, but you find her unbelievably sexy when she’s closer to her original silhouette.If so, my guess is you will reach an impasse that can be untangled only by consulting a relationship counsellor. The elevator tension is over, but the killer grind continues. JACKSON, STEINEM INVESTMENT HOUSE - DAY Credits continue to run. LOU MANNHEIM, strolls in, a dignified looking older broker in his late 60's, wearing an old brown brim hat with button down white shirt, narrow tie, very much a picture from another era... but obviously ailing in the legs and breath department. We see him peering from behind the glass partition in hit office; tall, balding with a perpetual worried look on his face. (looking in Bud and Marv's direction) Especially you rookies.

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The morning rush hour crowds swarm through the dark, narrow streets like mice in a maze, all in pursuit of one thing: MONEY... Blurred faces, bodies, suits, hats, attache cases float into view pressed like sardines against the sides of a door which now open, releasing an outward velocity of anger and greed, one of them BUD FOX. SUBWAY EXIT - MORNING The bubbling mass charges up the stairs.

The digital clock by the big board counter clicks to am -- four minutes until the market opens. Bud takes a deep breath, tosses the newspaper away and struts into the office -- fuck it -- it's a new day.

(pause, she looks like she forgot something) WORRIED MAN (V. Brokers mill by their desks, gulping coffee, scanning the papers, the quotrons. Past CHARLIE CUSHING, on the phone, a handsome chunk of man with rugged good looks and Ivy League mannerisms. CHARLIE ...still looking for the right 18 year old wife, how you doing, pal? CHARLIE (used to it) ...takes years of genetics, pal, and a Yale education... BUD I gotta feeling we're going to make a killing today, Marv.

It can be hard to acknowledge that our erotic tastes and triggers are pretty fixed by middle age.


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