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Baby centre has been an awesome baby and I are 4weeks and 2days today.

I love my baby to bits but the episiotomy wound made me frustrated and depressed, I always came here to read from other mum's and their experience.

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Even though they might not have been the type of people that I would have approached before becoming a mum, we've formed really good friendships.

I met a lot of my mum friends this way and it's a great chance to have a gossip." Lynda "I was really struggling with breastfeeding so I asked my health visitor to put me in touch with other mums in the same situation.

We all became firm friends because we supported each other through what was a pretty difficult time." Oona "I went to my Health Visitor Postnatal Group every fortnight until my baby could crawl.

If you are a pregnant woman who already has hepatitis C (or gets hepatitis C at some point during the pregnancy), the chance of passing the virus to your baby is low, less than 5 percent.

The risk becomes greater if the mother has both hepatitis C and HIV.

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