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You can’t expect unconditional love from a woman without practicing it yourself.

By mid to late thirties, most of us who date and live in diverse urban cities are pretty self-aware and financially independent.You cannot make a case for or against a woman’s display of loyalty towards you unless you’ve asked for her loyalty.No self-respecting woman of honor or substance should ever pledge her loyalty and allegiance to a man exclusively who hasn’t asked her to.It has become synonymous with “having somebody’s back.” In the early 2000’s when Beyoncé dropped her first solo single, Crazy in Love featuring her now husband, Jay-Z, they became the proto-type for the new urban love story and her album aptly entitled “Dangerously in Love” redefined our ideas about what it means for a woman to have a man’s back in urban culture.Beyoncé was America’s pop sweetheart who fell for the king of the streets, and became the ultimate “Ride or Die chick.” She was strong, independent, and proved that now even good suburban-bred girls could or Even if the streets didn’t “make you,” if you’re in your thirties today, hip-hop music most certainly shaped you.

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