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We also post HD quality full size videos of the ladies in their profiles; - we respect our potential and existing clients and we are willing to give you prompt answers to any questions you might have.If you send us a letter and do not hear back from us it means that we HAVE NOT received your letter.We personally meet and talk to every lady who wants to join the agency; - we own a photo studio and therefore can guarantee that the pictures in our gallery are of highest quality.

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We find local milfs and get you in contact with that beautiful MILF next door that you've been dying to meet.

As we never sell addresses, our ladies are not burdened with hundreds of letters from "bulk mailings".

All the services that we provide to the ladies are free of charge for them; Real Women - we are a local agency and all the women in the Mordinson agency are from Kharkov, we do not have any on-line forms which lady can fill out to become a member, only after a personal interview at our office in Kharkov a girl can become a member of the agency.

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