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She explains to him that she lost her baby but she is with another family. May goes to Jase and Dawn's house with a gift for Summer.When May is alone with Summer, she whispers goodbye to her and says she loves her.Dawn manages to escape, returning to the Square but doesn't stay as she knows Rob will come looking for her and leaves for the Cotswolds.However, she goes into labour on the tube and gives birth to a baby girl, naming her daughter, Summer.Dawn tries to leave but May grabs her and tears ligaments in her foot, giving Dawn medical advice as a form of taunting, continuing on from an earlier taunt claiming that Dawn cannot look after Summer properly, after discovering she applied fake suntan lotion to her for a baby beauty contest.This leads her to further taunt Dawn, by implying that she will possibly get a tattoo for Summer's 18th birthday.

Rob restrains Dawn while May drugs her and threatens to perform a caesarean if Dawn does not co-operate.She turns on the gas, lights a cigarette causing an explosion and instantly dies.In preparing for her role as May, Amanda Drew met a female GP, to learn the structure of May's daily routine.Desperate for Rob's baby, May offers Dawn £10,000 to have the baby and allow her to raise her and Dawn agrees.However, May and Rob plan to con Dawn by claiming he loves her and suggest they raise the baby together.

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