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He dated a number of girls whom he met both at work and the bar scene.

Usually after softball games the team would stop at the local bar that sponsored the team for beers.

He would return the movie the next day but as he thought about that, he thought back to the conversation at the book store.

He knew he would not be satisfied until her verified the rumor he heard.

He liked his lifestyle and was not starved for sex.

As he listened to the two guys discuss the other store, his curiosity got the best of him.

Most of the times on their faces and then the women would suck the cocks clean.He assumed that the action they were referring to was among the gay customers.The gay scene was not his thing at all but he did recall his brief fling with a beautiful young gay in Paris, France.They were talking in a low voice but he still picked up on the topic.They were talking about all the action that went on at the other place and how calm things were at this store in comparison.

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